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Jan Thöricht

CNC Engineer and IT Specialist at Hyva Olbersdorf

Jan, what are your tasks here at Hyva, and how long have you been working for the company?

I have been working at Hyva since 2007. My range of responsibilities includes CNC machine programming and personnel training for CNC operators. My main concern in the trainings is that employees come to a real understanding of CNC programs and can program commands autonomously for the most part. The other part of my job, which I have been doing for a couple of months, is IT support. I have successfully completed an advanced training and am now also responsible for IT systems maintenance, hardware purchasing and installation, and first-level support.

What do you like most about your new role at Hyva?

The diversity. Working both as a CNC programmer and as an IT Technical Support Engineer, I can pursue my passion of helping my colleagues in both fields: I train them in CNC programming, and I also provide first-level support to them for their IT concerns.

Plus, I get to work with the international IT team, which is exciting, and I really appreciate the possibility to brush up my knowledge of English and to work with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Interesting! Where do your international IT colleagues come from?

Well, we have a meeting with the whole IT team every three months. The colleagues are from India, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Wow! How does your team communicate when you're all scattered across the globe?

We use different communication media. When we have a big meeting, it's usually a video conference. However, our main communication channel is Whatsapp, which is much faster and easier. We use it mainly to exchange information, but there will also be the odd joke or picture, which is just a nice way to lighten up your mood and bind us together as a team. Nevertheless, we use classic communication media like the telephone and e-mail additionally.

When you were training to become an IT Technical Support Engineer, how were you supported by the company?

We talked about it during my performance review, something which we have yearly here at Hyva. Specifically, the fact that I had successfully completed an apprenticeship as a Business Informatics Assistant before and had often shown a dedication to IT issues was addressed. I also expressed my pronounced interest in this line of work. After a while, I was made the offer to start further training to become an IT Technical Support Engineer, which I gladly accepted. I successfully completed the certification training with an external service provider. In addition to training costs, all accommodation and traveling expenses were met by the company, and my working hours were compensated. Even during training, I was already tested by my colleagues at headquarters. Step by step during my training they gave me access rights and tasks to do autonomously. We don't have an on-site IT department in Olbersdorf, so a freelance IT service provider taught me the ropes and gave me trainings with a practical orientation. After having passed my exams, I will be welcomed officially by the IT team at headquarters in Alphen aan den Rijn. The invitation gives me an opportunity to meet the team face-to-face, and to look over their shoulders to learn a thing or two about their tasks and processes.

How does your role at Hyva allow you to grow?

The trust I have been shown here has given me the possibility to grow with the challenges I face. Even at an early stage, I could take over small IT-related tasks, like installing the telephone system. When I began working as an IT Technical Support Engineer in earnest, I was presented with the prospect of taking over the IT support for all our German sites, which has become my goal now. In addition, I want to extend my knowledge of server and network technology by further trainings.

This is your 11th year at Hyva. What advice would you give to someone just starting today?

I would advise them to show passion and willingness to work. It definitely worked for me.

Last but not least, I would like to know what makes Hyva unique in your opinion.

The trust the company shows its employees. It's an international company and gives you the opportunity to work with different cultural backgrounds, which is definitely a plus for me. I also appreciate how flexible and entrepreneurial the company is. Hyva is not so set in its own ways that the employees' wishes, like spontaneous holidays, cannot be payed heed to.