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Customer Service Manager

 This position is responsible for assuring the daily order process is correctly managed and the price and margin management process is aligned with the company's rules and regulations. The Customer Service Manager works closely with team leaders and planners regarding orders, delivery date allocations and forecasts; represents Hyva to customers; and streamlines the order management process for efficiency and effectiveness. Accountability and ability to solve complex issues through active communication is critical.  


Portfolio Management 

  • Manage the customer service team and take action to solve main issues in order processing; 
  • Work directly with customers regarding orders to communicate price and delivery times;  
  • Trace shortages in planned shipments and ensure the correct delivery time is scheduled in consultation with the Logistics department and Planner; 
  • Manage documents preparing for/after invoicing, including providing quotes and preparing/exporting Certificates of Origin; 
  • Handle the Letters of Credit, cash against documents and documents against acceptance 
  • Manages internal processing and communications for pending files and log documentary credits;  
  • Check general terms and conditions for export, investigate necessary documents and preparation;  
  • Responsible for delivery of the correct documents to the bank(s) and managing payment conditions, including related internal communications; 
  • Communicate actively with: 
  • purchase department regarding delivery times; 
  • technical department with regards to product applications; 
  • finance department concerning invoicing and payments; 
  • clients about orders and quotations. 
  • Educational Level: (-) Senior Bachelor level (+) Experienced Master Level 
  • Professional Experience: (-) 1-4 years of relevant experience / (+) 5-7 years of relevant experience 
  • Leadership Level: Leading Others 



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