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Lead Engineer - Advanced Technologies Program

ATP projects require cooperation with third party research institutes and suppliers to secure access to relevant technologies, subject-matter expertise, and testing capabilities. Experience managing suppliers and working with external parties is a plus.

Our current strategic focus areas include fluid power, electrification, product sensorization, computer vision, and motion control.

As Lead Engineer, you will need to balance your time between identifying and setting up new projects, and ensuring ongoing projects move forward effectively. This requires a person who can tackle challenges by thoughtfully leading collaborative efforts based on the strengths of everyone involved. To be truly effective, you will tweak the engineering processes and remove obstacles so that engineers involved in ATP projects can work efficiently. An ideal candidate for this position is able to combine a higher level of thinking with occasional hands-on troubleshooting and pragmatic problem solving. In both cases, it's important to be able to identify what is relevant and what is not and fill in the blanks of a plan.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Propose, scope and plan ATP projects together with ATP Manager and external parties;
  • Responsible for technical aspects of ATP projects;
  • Setting up technical/scientific approach; 
    • act as a line of escalation for technical risk;
  • Requirements engineering;
  • Act as sparring partner for project managers and delivery teams on technical/scientific execution;
    • Performing basic assessment calculations, or reviewing those provided by external parties; 
    • Conduct design reviews;
    • Equipment and parts sourcing for execution of project tasks;
  • ATP project handover to LoB/R&D teams;
  • Scouting and idea generation for the technologies of tomorrow (stay up to date on the state of the art);
  • Sparring partner for patent actions. 

Position requirements

  • PhD in relevant technical field or MSc with 5-7 years of experience;
  • Understands and is able to apply the fundamentals of fluid mechanics;
  • Understands and is able to apply basic mechanics;
  • Understand what programming is and the fundamentals of software and hardware;
  • Familiar with system dynamics and control theory.


  • Autodidact;
  • Knowing one’s limits (is not shy asking for help);
  • Takes initiative (get it done mentality);
  • Critical thinker;
  • Comfortable around uncertainty and risk;
  • Creative problem solver (simplify & work around);
  • Organized;
  • Able to wrap up work (start-to-finish);
  • Able to adapt communication to situation (CTO, (test) engineers, external parties, customers).


  • Basic project management skills;
  • Knows and is comfortable to delegate details when necessary;
  • Performance Coaching others (interns, entry-level, and junior-level engineers);
  • Well versed in technical terminology and theory;
  • English professional working proficiency (ILR 3-4).



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