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Transport and Logistic Coordinator

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Plan, organize and execute shipments of goods in collaboration with forwarder 
  • Plan, organize and execute replacement-parts shipments 
  • Select and manage forwarder from the point of view of efficient transports 
  • Generate delivery notes, packing lists and transport documents for all shipments 
  • Support creation and editing of order confirmations 
  • Support organization of direct customer deliveries and extra tours 
  • Create, maintain and distribute routine program operational reports 
  • Reorganize shipping schedules to consolidate loads and optimize the hold of the trucks to minimize losses or inefficiencies associated with empty space 
  • Coordinate picking, packing and loading timing 
  • Control and monitor the transport chain 
  • Execute shipment tracking and monitor scheduled/on-time deliveries  
  • Record outgoing goods and further storage operation in the ERP-System 
  • Order-related commissioning and picking of goods incl. control and documentation 
  • Control regularly goods receipt and goods issue 
  • Outgoing goods inspection based on the delivery note 
  • Warehouse activities such as stock-keeping, warehousing, restocking and staging of shipping products 
  • Load trucks 

Experience and Education:

Experience in personnel leadership and staff planning  

Work experience as   Transport & Logistic coordinator 

Initial experience in disposition and shipping 

Skills & Capabilities

Good knowledge of MS-office

Good knowledge of ERP systems 




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