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Manager - R&D Hookloader

Type of Document: Job Description

Functional Discipline: Research and Development

Superior Positions(s): Head – General & Product Management and Operations



The Product Engineer is responsible for researching and developing ideas and processes for new products. This position is involved in every level of the system design and support engineering activities related to manufacturing, testing, sourcing and after sales. In this role, the Product Engineer improves upon the performance, design, cost and quality of existing products and oversees production and packaging of the final product.



  • Design, model and test prototypes for products;
  • Develop project specifications and requirements;
  • Establish design briefs, considering all implications of cost, safety and time constraints;
  • Create concepts, performance and production criteria;
  • Identify and select materials needed for production;
  • Design and implement cost-effective equipment modifications to improve product safety and reliability;
  • Discuss and solve complex problems with manufacturing departments, sub-contractors, suppliers and customers;
  • Conduct feasibility analysis, making sure a product can be made reliably and will perform consistently in specified operating environments;
  • Produce general and detailed 2D and 3D documentation;
  • Deliver reports at different phases of the project and present periodic updates of the project to the Engineering team;
  • Create and maintain spare parts lists;
  • Travel to production facilities to evaluate processes;
  • Support patent activities (If required);
  • Take part in specialist or multidisciplinary team meetings.
  • Responsible for development of application engineering tasks and resources within the country;
  • Assist customers in defining the best possible product selection and system solution for their operation (pre-sales phase);
  • Study the operation and product to make informed recommendations for operational, system or product-related improvements;
  • Provide input to LoB/product managers and R&D engineering (all LoBs) for continuous product improvement and year model upgrades;
  • Provide input into new product offering development;
  • Coach operational staff to maximize output of specific products;
  • Support the sales organization with strategic project initiatives;
  • Provide all necessary product information that may be required in support of sales;
  • Define and execute field trainings for trainers, product managers and customers (country and dealer level);
  • Visit key personnel in conjunction with the product application/support teams to provide in depth product knowledge. This includes developing direct relationships with key clients, supporting proper technical work preparations and helping the After Sales teams to troubleshoot technical problems.




•   After Sales Team

•   Application Engineering Team

•   Purchasing Team

•   Engineering Team

•   Test Engineer

•   Colleagues in Manufacturing Facilities

•   Product Managers

•   Managing Director

•   LoB Director

•   R&D Director



•   Suppliers (in support of Purchasing)

•   External Project Manager



  • Educational Level: Experienced Bachelor Level / Master Level
  • Professional Experience: 10-12 years of relevant experience
  • Leadership Level: Individual Contributor


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