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At Hyva you can get a traineeship within the most interesting countries in the world



Hyva partners with premier organizations to offer intern and traineeship opportunities in multiple departments at Hyva locations around the world. Through these connections, Hyva intern- and traineeships support skills development, multinational experience and hands-on practice for young professionals ready for their next move.


Hyva currently has two active partnerships with organizations that facilitate access to vast networks of talented young students, graduates and experienced candidates from all possible fields within an international landscape:

Journey of our trainees


Global Talent is AIESEC’s premiere talent sourcing product for leading organizations, and one of the best ways to bring values based leadership to the world. The program brings in youth leadership, innovation, global perspectives, and functional expertise to provide organizations with a competitive edge when it comes to talent and leadership pipeline. AIESEC has 50.000 active members around the world. 



UNITECH International offers access to some of the best 100 new engineers in Europe each year, and an Alumni pool of over 650 experienced engineers, all skilled in the latest technologies and working practices, with international experience in academia and world leading companies and trained in key skills for the business world. In addition, there's the possibility to tap into a culture of innovation, execution and a can-do attitude.