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Lukasz Michalewski

WE and Ops Regional Controller

If someone asked, “Why should I join HYVA?”, what would you say?

o Global and very dynamic company

o Opportunity to gain experience in multiple disciplines. So it is great environment to shape your career in your profession or explore a discipline that is most exciting for you if you are still not clear where your biggest potential is

o People. We are diversified team with numerous nationalities and cultures working together. Company culture enables collaboration across all functions and organizational levels. It means that being a financial analyst you can gain business understanding by talking directly with sales team or technical knowledge from application engineers or mechanics team in our workshops

What is the most rewarding part of your role at HYVA? What led you to a career at HYVA?

o By being involved and dedicated, you can make a difference and visible impact. Personally, it is very rewarding experience. This was my main expectation and reason for moving from a bigger organization and I found it in Hyva. 

What’s one thing you are working on now that inspires your team/coworkers?

o Building a stronger team that enjoys working together. I encourage ourselves to keep thinking about next steps and innovations that would make our work more interesting and valuable.

This is your 4th year with HYVA. What advice would you give to someone just starting today? 

o Act with commitment and grab the opportunity. We are a company where you can learn a lot but you need to make an effort, get out of your comfort zone and be open to people.

How does your role at HYVA allow you to grow? What professional growth benefits do you use at HYVA?

o I highly enjoy the very pragmatic approach of our company management. It means for me applying theory and experience gained so far into actions in real life situations and seeing the results of my decisions. This is great professional experience. At the end of the day. You can state with confidence “yes, I know how it works”.