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Leadership Model

Model the Way

Customer Focus

Hyva doesn’t simply sell products; we sell a continued customer experience that sets us apart as the fi rst choice for our partners. Grounded in listening to customers’ needs, Hyva leaders build influential relationships that transcend borders and connect global communities.

  • Build Sustainable Networks
  • Master Communication and Collaboration
  • Anticipate Customer Needs
  • Deliver Excellence
  • Prioritize Safety

Drive & Achieve more together

Our business is built on solving problems and bridging communities across the world, so it’s no secret that we work better when we work together. Leadership at Hyva connects you to greater team with a shared purpose to work hard, deliver success and achieve results.

  • Identify Paths to Achievement
  • Align Teams and Leadership
  • Encourage Open and Respectful Discussion
  • Support Whole Team Outcomes
  • Build Trust

Own & Execute

Hyva leaders take ownership and accountability for everything they do. Whether you’re launching new initiatives or supporting proven strategies, you should be true to your word and committed to integrity in everything you do. In this change culture, you’ll nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, passion for quality and ownership from fruition to execution.

  • Never Stop Improving
  • Do What You Say
  • Add Value & Achieve Results
  • Be a Good Financial Steward
  • Embrace “We are Hyva” Spirit

Develop & Empower

Our company culture is rooted in structured flexibility and a demanding, yet fair, commitment to continuous improvement. We invest in people by offering natural career paths and opportunities to develop stronger, more motivated leaders through workforce planning, training, mentoring and professional coaching. At Hyva, we never stop moving, and you never stop growing.

  • Develop Hierarchical Decision Making
  • Embrace Autonomy
  • Stay Motivated & Motivate Others
  • Strive to Make a Difference
  • Invest in Personal & Professional Growth

Beyond boundaries

Our expertise is exploring and moving boundaries for our customers, and we encourage Hyva employees to flex their ingenuity inside the offi ce, too. Hyva leaders routinely step outside their comfort zones, go the extra mile and seek new ways of working to make us an industry and global leader in innovation.

  • Discover the Next Generation of Innovation
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Apply Hyva Vision to All You Do
  • Anticipate Future Needs
  • Be Your Best