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Daniel Fetzner

Sales Director Mexico & Central America

If someone asked, “Why should I join Hyva?” what would you say?

I would say that you should join Hyva because it is a world of opportunities. This is a global company with worldwide presence that values the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make an impact. It doesn’t matter your area of expertise, or your nationality, from R&D to Logistics to sales, from India to Brazil to Germany, if you are prepared, Hyva has the right opportunity for you.

What is the most rewarding part of your role at Hyva? What led you to a career at Hyva?

The most rewarding part of my current role is to be able to participate on challenging projects, with multifunctional and even multicultural teams, to bring about innovative solutions to our customers, from concept design to roll out on the market, being able to participate on the entire development process is extremely rewarding.  

What led me to a career in Hyva was the possibility and opportunity for growth. Also to be valued for hard work, integrity and passion and finally be part of a worldwide community with the same goals and team spirit.

What’s one thing you are working on now that inspires your team/coworkers?

The development of the new line of cranes. It’s an ambitious project of millions of euro of investment that aims to increase even more our penetration in mature markets like Europe. 

This is your 9th year with Hyva. What advice would you give to someone just starting today?

Don’t be afraid to show your talent, if the company gives you the chance to take more responsibility, take it! The only place success comes first than work is in the dictionary, so hard work combined with your personal talent is the path for success.

How does your role at Hyva allow you to grow? What professional growth benefits do you use at Hyva?

My current role allow me to work closely with more senior level colleagues, even from C level, and it is a great learning opportunity for me to see these professionals tackling strategic subjects and drill down the vision of the future to the entire company.

Additionally, the company has provided me with valuable coaching experiences, pairing younger professionals like me with more senior colleagues, through the coaching program, where we were able to share experiences, receive feedback and career guidance from someone that has already many years of experience.

Last but not least, the leadership program, designed to prepare the future leaders of the company, was a great program that I was glad to be part of. It was an incredible learning experience focused on leadership topics, where not only the content of the training was fantastic, but also the exchanges between the participants, that made it a unique experience.

What makes Hyva unique in its approach to customer excellence? How does Hyva go above and beyond to serve its customers?

We want to be the best. It is different from being the biggest; we don’t want to be the biggest. We work on every level to make sure our customers feel we are the best choice as a partner for their business. On very detail, on every interaction, we strive to make sure our customers have no choice but doing business with us simply because we are indeed the best choice.

As part of a global team, how does Hyva support connectedness and communication?

With all the technology we have at our disposal today, it is mandatory that we become good communicators. Hyva has a very well defined structure in each of its subsidiaries worldwide. The management supports and encourages the local and the global teams to communicate and the company provides us all the hardware and the software needed so that we can communicate freely with our colleagues around the globe. So no matter what the person, the location, or the problem to be discussed, I know I can connect with my colleagues and work in collaboration to achieve our targets.