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Carl David Hansen

Global Demand Manager

If someone asked, “Why should I join Hyva?”, what would you say?

Hyva is a medium-sized company with a truly global footprint, multicultural family of colleagues and vision for growth towards the future. That growth path requires all of us here to bring in knowledge & best practices from previous roles and academic studies, to challenge existing organizational structures and paradigms, and to develop our hard & soft skillsets for working across cultures, languages and departments. This company requires real grit and entrepreneurship on a daily basis. If that type of environment excites you then you will find success and growth opportunities as Hyva.

What is the most rewarding part of your role at Hyva? What led you to a career at Hyva?

The most rewarding part of my role at Hyva is the opportunity to work and grow with people from so many different cultural, linguistic, professional and academic backgrounds both at our HQ in Alphen aan den Rijn and while on the road at our country offices around the world.

What’s one thing you are working on now that inspires your team/coworkers?

One thing I’m working on now that inspires my team is the country visits I’m taking to some of our key regions around the world. On these visits I’m providing process training, getting feedback on our goals and targets for the upcoming months and year and establishing face-to-face relationships which make our global team feel closer together and committed.

This is your 2nd year with Hyva. What advice would you give to someone just starting today?

This is my 2nd year with Hyva. The advice I would give someone just starting here today would be to schedule 1-on-1 coffee breaks, lunches, phone calls and/or outside-of-work social meetings with as many people as possible in the upcoming months. Valuable information about who does what & why, how all the Hyva pieces work together,  and all sorts of other interesting details about people’s work and personal life can be found out, and meaningful relationships established that will help you to navigate and grow within the organization.

How does your role at Hyva allow you to grow? What professional growth benefits do you use at Hyva?

I believe in leadership and growth through consensus building and creating shared-vision; when we all beat to the same drum success is inevitable. At Hyva it is not always easy to do this due to our geographic spread (think time zones, communication, lack of personal contact), cultural & linguistic diversity, and ingrained ways of working in different locations and departments. In my central global role I must work every day with our colleagues around the globe and in different parts of the organization. Because of this I am learning to be a better listener, to accept new ways of working, and to seek solutions outside of my normal realm of thinking. This allows me to grow both as a professional and a person.

What makes Hyva unique in its approach to customer excellence? How does Hyva go above and beyond to serve its customers?

Prefer not to answer this question. I do not have contact direct contact with customers or knowledge of our customer care policies.

As part of a global team, how does Hyva support connectedness and communication?

Hyva encourages connectedness and communication in many different ways. At HQ there is a new initiative for our international colleagues to take Dutch lessons. In the normal day-to-day, video conference meetings with our colleagues around the world are encouraged and facilitated. For important projects and initiatives there is support for travelling to meet key customers and stakeholders. Hyva also has an active marketing team which often shares updates on products, trade shows, new initiatives and employees which keeps all of us informed.